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Gray Matter Speak

The Frabjous Technicolor Cognipulpit

Hey folks. I'm a grad student who's been in college for an odyssean length of time. This means that in my misguided pursuit of a career I somehow accumulated bachelors degrees in history/sociology, psychology, and religious studies. Currently I'm pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and an Ma.T. in Biblical Studies. By now I've acquired the nasty habit of sounding intellectual without even trying.

As to the other details, what can I say? I run a lot--"You haven't lived until you've run a red light on foot" is what I say. I read for pleasure, but only when I'm not being forced at grade point to read other books. And I write. Like a fiend. I'll probably post to your blogs if you post to mine. You know...you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. You know the drill.

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